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We help make companies more productive, organized and valuable.

Matrix Performance Consulting Inc. helps build successful organizations of all sizes by maximizing engagement, performance and productivity.  In today’s economic climate it’s all about optimizing results. Making this happen is challenging when  executive, team or organizational performance is less than ideal.  Our people-oriented solutions address the performance issues that keep leaders awake at night by helping organizations operate with less friction, fewer process barriers and greater profitability.  Our performance development solutions deliver measurable results, improve employee & customer satisfaction and keep the focus where it needs to be; on execution.  We welcome your call for a confidential and complimentary consultation. (908) 672-0625

Stress Assessment & Intervention

The impact of stress on individuals and organizations is on the rise.  While some stress is normal and even unavoidable, excessive stress is costly and interferes with our physical, emotional and personal well-being.  And, a stressed workforce is less satisfied and productive.  Careful assessment of individual or organizational stress sets the stage for change.

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Organizational Performance

Our consulting services help large and small organizations improve performance and successfully achieve their goals and mission.  All of our organizational development engagements begin with careful assessment of the “root causes” of performance challenges.  We then work closely with executive management to tailor interventions for remediation.

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Individual Performance Improvement

At Matrix we utilize powerful assessment, motivational and performance enhancement methods to identify, harness and then maximize the untapped potential of key individuals.  In doing so, we focus primarily on the behavioral change initiatives that will develop the individual’s leadership abilities and improve employee satisfaction and career success.

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Survey Research

At Matrix we design and implement both web-enabled and traditionally administered surveys for a wide range of organizational assessment and development applications.  Opinion surveys, employee satisfaction surveys and client/consumer/patient surveys can all contribute directly to the bottom line.  When results are valued and implemented.

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Focus Group Research

Focus groups provide rapid feedback on vital research questions.  They generate an understanding of opinion intensity and range, along with detailed clarification of how group members think and feel.  They are used for understanding employee views, determining consumer response, and anticipating reactions to planned changes.

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Marketing Research

Matrix offers a complete range of both Internet based and traditional marketing research services, including neuromarketing services.  We provide comprehensive, accurate and cost-effective methods in both quantitative and qualitative domains.  Understanding consumer response is vital in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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